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Dankon pro via intereso pri Vikipedio en Eduko. Ni esperas, ke ni parolos kun vi baldaŭ! :)
Join the education mailing list and connect with our community of Wikimedians and educators.

Vikipediaj Edukaj Programoj
Vikipediaj Edukaj Programoj

Education Program Contacts

Please see the programs list to contact a local program leader.

Education Program Mentors

A group of established and experienced program leaders from all over the world are willing to help and advise interested volunteers anywhere in the world. Mentors are members of the Education Collaborative. To talk about strategy or improvements to your program, please feel free to contact any of the mentors.

Personaro de Fondaĵo Vikimedio

For more information about education activities worldwide, please feel free to contact the global education team at education﹫