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The EduWiki conferences are annual gatherings of Wikimedians, program leaders, educators, staff, and students to discuss Wikipedia in education and the Wikimedia movement's engagement in academia. Since 2012, there have been 4 EduWiki conferences: 3 in the UK and 1 in Serbia. This page covers the history of these conferences.

EduWiki conferences focus on efforts to integrate Wikipedia into education at all levels. Presenters include veteran practitioners and program representatives. Participants share innovative work in their classrooms, their institutions, or online communities. This conference is useful for educators, scholarly societies, contributors to Wikimedia and other open education projects, and students! There is additional information about past conferences in the Media Coverage section below.



EduWiki conferences examine the growing trend of using this open resource as a tool to engage learners more closely in the pedagogic process.

The aims are:

  • to raise awareness about the use of Wikipedia and its sister projects in education,
  • to increase cooperation between Wikimedia and academic institutions,
  • to promote cooperation between regional Wikimedia affiliate groups on educational projects,
  • to connect local education leaders with Wikipedia editors, and
  • to grow Wikipedia's use in education.



Media Coverage