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History & Geography
  • Start year: 2013
  • Countries (list all): Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia
  • Cities (list all. and please link to local WP articles.): Elbasan, Durrës, Tirana, Tetova, Kukës
  • Wikimedia projects (list all): all
  • Languages (list all): Albanian
  • Funding (yes/no? please explain): No.
  • Outreach events (workshops, conferences, etc.) (yes/no? and total #):Yes at least 4 workshops per city.
  • Courses (yes/no? and total #): Yes at least 2 courses per city.
  • WikiCamps (yes/no? and total #): Yes. 1 Wikicamp in Prishtina with students from Albania, Serbia and Kosovo.
  • WikiClubs (yes/no? and total #): No
  • WikiExpeditions (yes/no? and total #): No
  • Teacher training (yes/no? and approximate # of teachers trained): 3 teachers.
  • Government partnerships (yes/no?): Yes Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Youth, but we don't have a formal partnership yet.
  • OER (yes/no?): No
  • MOOCs (yes/no?): No
  • Universities (list all. list associated faculties/departments. and please link to local WP articles.): Aleksandër Moisiu University, State University of Tetova.
  • Secondary schools (list all): Ahmet Dakli High School, Kostandin Kristoforidhi High School, Kiril Pejçinoviç High School, Havzi Nela High School.
  • Primary schools (list all): Jusuf Puka
  • Adult schools (list all):
  • Senior programs (list all):
  • Students (total #): 660
  • Educators (total #): 6
  • Education program volunteers (total #): 5(active ones) 20 in total (depends from the event)
  • Education program volunteers who are Admins/Sysops/Stewards (total #): 5
  • Local education program manager (total #):0
  • Articles created (yes/no? and total #):
  • Articles improved (yes/no? and total #):
  • Articles translated (yes/no? and total #):
  • Files uploaded (yes/no? and total #):
  • Bytes added (total #):
  • Bytes deleted (total #):
  • Featured articles (total #):
  • Good articles (total #):
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