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Need to know[edit]

Welcome to the Communication's Toolkit for our education response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you will find everything you need to support and amplify our efforts to provide educational resources and experiences to learners who are out of school. We appreciate any help you can give us, from translating and sharing lesson plans, #EduWiki challenges, and other messages, to sharing your own ideas and activities. Each week, we'll update the messages we're sharing out in this Tool-kit and include our sharing schedule. Here's what you can do:

  1. Translate the messages into other languages & localize them based on the needs and realities of your community
  2. Share the messages widely! Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, TikTok or any other place you think you can reach parents, teachers and students who would benefit from these activities and resources
  3. Create your own lesson plans & #EduWiki challenges and share them with us

This week's #EduWiki Challenges and Lesson plans[edit]

*Note: If messages are too long for a single Tweet, we suggest to use a thread and have labeled parts of the message to indicate where you can break the message up in the thread.

Monday May 25:📆 It's the last Monday of May and it's also time to share the last #EduWiki challenge of the season! Encourage your students to flash forward to their future with the help of Wikipedia! #LearnAtHome #LearningNeverStops #COVID19 #EduWiki #OER

Tuesday May 26: 🏝🏕⛩ What would be the perfect holiday for 2021? Today's lesson plan will help your students identify and compare information needed for different purposes while planning their future dream holiday. Another way to integrate Wikipedia and Wikivoyage in your remote classroom! #LearnAtHome #LearningNeverStops #COVID19 #EduWiki #OER

Wednesday May 27: 🌈 Happy Wednesday! Remember you can still find all #EduWiki challenges on Wikimedia Commons: You can continue participating! They're not only free fo you to use, but you can remix them, translate them, and share them again! #LearnAtHome #LearningNeverStops #COVID19 #EduWiki #OER

Thursday May 28: 👩🏽‍🏫 Did you miss this week's featured Wikimedia lesson plan? Don't worry, you can find them all here: Do you have an awesome lesson plan of your own? Simply fill in this form to share it with us: Let's contribute to a world of open learning together! #remotelearning #OER #LearningNeverStops #COVID19

Main messages:[edit]

  • Today we're happy to present you the #EduWiki challenge! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we're sharing quick fun activities to engage learners with Wikimedia projects that can enhance their #remotelearning experiences. Give them a try! #Learningneverstops
  • Do you know teachers, parents, or guardians looking for fun learning activities to do at home while schools are closed? Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new #EduWiki challenges
  • Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new #EduWiki challenges. We help you to explore and learn with free knowledge projects like Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikibooks, Wikisourcee, and Wikimedia Commons! These projects are some of the best places online to find educational content in over 300 languages. Follow Wikimedia Foundation Education Team or @WikimediaEdu on Twitter


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Other translation needs[edit]