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Primary Contact

  • Greta Doçi Board member: Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group.
  • Arianit Dobroshi Board member: Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group.
  • Redon Skikuli Member: Wikimedia Community User Group Albania.
  • Sidorela Uku Member: Wikimedia Community User Group Albania.

Program Description


The Wiki in Education program in Albania started in 2015, when albanian speaking Wikimedians started organizing workshops about SQ Wikipedia in different cities. On July 2016 Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG was recognized by Wikimedia Foundation and WikiEducation is one of the main programs. Report will be also updated here.
In 2018 Wikimedia Community User Group Albania is also involved in the Wiki in Education program for Albania by organizing activities in schools and universities.

WikiAcademy Albania (WikiAkademia Shqiptare)


Wiki Academy was the name of the first activities related to the Wikipedia in Education program. Wiki Academy Albania is an initiative to improve the quality and quantity of coverage of Albania on Wikipedia. The idea is to bring together active online citizens and content experts and help them develop into skilled editors to write high quality articles regarding Albania in categories such as heritage, culture social issues, geography, institutions, economy and tourism.

Main program goals

  • Involving teachers and students in the use and creation of Wikipedia content;
  • Involving teachers and students in the implementation of initiatives related to the use of Wikipedia in schools;
  • Explaining the operation, illustrating its potential and what schools can do to improve it;
  • Establishing a connection between schools, the community of Wikipedia and Wikimedia around the world including the ability to make meetings, online , with teachers and students during which present Wikipedia exposing the objectives;
  • Improving and translating articles;
  • Creating a support team that can follow, assist and coordinate teachers and students.

Additional program goals

  • Improving the quality of the Albanian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons with materials related to Albania.
  • Improve Wikimedia contents by educational projects, with teachers and mentors in charge of courses training their students to create new, quality content;
  • Informing the Albanian youth about Wikipedia;
  • Community building;
  • Collaboration with public administration (the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture) and other institutions;
  • Promotion of Albanian cultural heritage through Wikipedia making information more accessible;
  • Presentation and digital archiving in a structured and organized all objects of cultural interest in the Republic of Albania.

Activities calendar


2013 activities

  • Universiteti Shtëror i Tetovës (Tetovo)
  • Kiril Pejçinoviç high school (Tetovo)

2014 activities

  • Aleksandër Moisiu University (Durrës) Aleksandër Moisiu;
  • Ahmet Dakli high school (Elbasan);
  • Konstantin Kristoforidhi high school (Elbasan);
  • Jusuf Puka School (Durres).

2015 activities




Meta:Grants:IEG/WikiAcademy Albania PEG/Wikipedia Weekend

2016 activities


(info to be added soon)

2017 activities


2018 activities


Wiki Education in Berat organized by Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG (WoALUG)

  • 3 July -- 2 Workshop with Babe Dude Karbunara and 8 Tetori high school
    • Participation: 15 students
    • Project: Sq Wikipedia
  • 28 - 29 September -- Edit a thon about plants
    • Participation: 9 students and 3 teachers
    • Project: Wikidata, Sq wikipedia
  • 25 October -- Introduction of WikiEducation and how to help them with their classes
    • Participation 40 teachers
    • Project: Wikipedia