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Primary contacts[edit]

Claudia Garád, Executive Director, Wikimedia Österreich
Raimund Liebert, Community Manager, Wikimedia Österreich

Program information[edit]

Collaborating with various selected educational institutions in Austria is part of Wikimedia Österreich’s program Reach / Free Knowledge Awareness. The focus of this program is to convey the role of free knowledge for individuals and society. The education activities enhance the media literacy concerning Wikimedia projects and free knowledge in educational institutions by providing skill transfer and trainings. These activities are carried out by volunteers and supported by Wikimedia Österreich.

Workshops in schools were held, among others, at the Akademisches Gymnasium Graz, the Wiedner Gymnasium, the HBLA für Fortwirtschaft Bruck an der Mur and the Neue Mittelschule Sitzendorf. The Wikipedia Meets University kick-off event at the University of Vienna in 2014 led to several initiatives in the field of universities and adult education, such as guest lectures and an edit-a-thon at the University of Vienna as well as a teachers’ training course and a workshop for fire departement historians.

Additional information[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Wikipedia Education Program at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Falko Wilms of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences runs the Wiwiwiki Organizational Behaviour Project in the German-language Wikipedia since April 2011. The project is aimed primarily at participants of Falko Wilms' Wikiversity course. The Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences was the first Austrian university running a Wikipedia Education Program.