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Vikipediya: Virtual ensiklopediya

Primary Contacts[edit]

Program Information[edit]

Azerbaijan Youth Translators Association[edit]

The project, originally planned to be called Wikipedia Education Azerbaijan, is now called "VikiHərəkat," which means WikiMovement in English. The aim of the project is to promote Wikipedia as a voluntary movement in Azerbaijan and bring in more users, contributors and editors.

This project consists of several components. The project is implemented by AGTA with financial support from the Ministry of Communications

That is, we'll organize trainings in the capital Baku and regions of Azerbaijan for the youths interested in contributing to Wikipedia and other Wiki tools. The first training will be held in Baku (Training of Trainers), bringing together youths from Baku and regions. In the second phase, the trained trainers will lead trainings in 5 regions throughout Azerbaijan.
We've developed guidelines explaining how to work with Wikipedia step-by-step. It will be published in print form, will be distributed to universities and libraries, and also will be published on the project website.
Wikipedia Education Azerbaijan
will also be part of the project. In this component, we'll invite universities to join VikiHərəkat. It will be like Wikipedia Education Programs implemented in other countries.

Additional Information[edit]

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