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Primary Contacts[edit]

Wikiducation team[edit]

Education members[edit]

Program Description[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium is the Belgium chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. This association can provide budget, personnel or any kind of support in the context of Wikimedia Education. Welcome to Wikimedia Belgium wiki site and Wikiducation project site to get more information.

First Pilot[edit]

The VIVES College (a higher education outside university school) and have for some years a Wikipedia class in what students learn how to edit and themselves create articles on Wikipedia.

Média Animation[edit]

A mini-portal of educational uses for WKPD class, implemented by teachers who came to learn for 2 days at the Wikipedian practice. They were asked to initiate an educational intent and continue once they return to class. Everyone is listed as a contributor, fuelled its author page, created his page "Project" and vowed to put it out with his students. The training is intended to be both an integration of media tool for the subject taught (Education by the media) and an opportunity to reflect on the online edition of the collaborative production and the ambient world of web trend 2.0. Future goals are to give Wikimedia presentations in universities, schools and explain a more correct usage of Wikipedia.

Thomas More University College[edit]

As a part of the course Applied Psychology & Technology, bachelor students will be organized into small groups with the assignment to add content to a relevant topic of their choice. The Wikipedia course approach will probably be implemented in the academic year 2015-2016.

Institut Sainte Marie Châtelet[edit]

This project was developed throughout the 2013-2014 school year by the students of the third grade of general secondary education, transition and technical qualification, at the Institute St. Mary Chatelet. This project earned this school the local government's designation as a "Digital School" (« Ecole numérique»). Read more at Education/Government Partnerships#Belgium.

Additional Information[edit]