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Primary Contacts[edit]

Program Description[edit]

Primer taller con interesados de desarrollo de clubes Wikipedia

Project: Wikipedia in University[edit]

  • This would be our main pilot project, formation of Wikipedia editors groups in universities.
  • This project would consist of teaching students at in Quito, Ecuador on editing Wikipedia.
  • Our initial goal;
  • Reach several students at this University (20 for the initial pilot),
  • Keep an average of percentage of editing retention (30% or better)

Starting from 2016, we had a successful pilot with a teacher's class where she taught her students how to edit Wikipedia with the support of Wikimedistas de Ecuador, and up to 2018, we are running constantly edit-a-thons and around 100 students have now edited Wikipedia in her class.

Project: Wikipedia in the Classroom[edit]

  • This is a new project for the group of volunteers from Wikimedians of Ecuador
  • The project goal;
    • is to organize an activity gathering schools interested in incorporating Wikipedia editing into curricular assignments
    • build a strong relationship with every single one of them, specially motivating Girls into being editors to get a better gender diversity.
  • It would be ideal to have at least one school with one complete grade working on this, aiming for a number of 20-40 students, and monitoring their editing retention.


Additional Information[edit]

  • Club Wikipedia (forming groups of Wikipedia editors at universities, colleges and community centers)
  • Wikipedia en el Aula (Wikipedia in the classroom)