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Primary contacts[edit]

Mathieu Denel, Wikimedia France

Project portals[edit]

Program description[edit]

General information[edit]

Several projects with students, high school students, PhD students, teachers and researchers in charge of courses are running in France. Two aims for these actions :

  1. The specific modus operandi of Wikipedia is its main strength for educational approach in media education. Nature of the sources, cross-checking of these sources, synthesis and critical thinking etc. Wikipedia is an ideal tool for addressing innovative concepts essential to research, consultation and information processing on the Internet. It is therefore important to bring the professionals of education to a better understanding of this encyclopedic project and its appropriation for its use in the classroom. It is for these reasons that Wikimédia France is counselling the professionals of education in using Wikipedia's contents and enriching them.
  2. Improve Wikimedia contents by educational projects : teachers and researchers in charge of courses train their students and high school students to create new quality contents.

Conducted activities[edit]