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  • There is interest in piloting a Wikipedia Education Program in Honduras with people who work with Honduran youth, both in Honduras and in the US. These include high school teachers and university professors, and people who run enrichment programs for minority youth.
  • "70% of the students from public high schools fail the university entrance exam. 50% of the students who do get into the university drop out due to problems in reading, writing, and researching skills. It is possible to enter the Honduran university never having used a computer (or never having lived somewhere that had electricity). The idea behind this pilot is to encourage Wikipedia in Education projects as a way to improve reading, writing, researching and computer skills at the high school and university and out of school youths levels, and to make Honduran minorities better known at primary and high schools who use the Internet to do their homework. The Honduran government has plans over the next 3 years to spend millions of dollars to install computers with Internet connections in hundreds of schools across Honduras. Computers without people who are trained to do something with them are of limited value."

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