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First day for IB students working with Wikipedia Fall 2012 semester

Instituto Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey-Campus Ciudad de México (ITESM-CCM) began working with Wikipedia projects in the Fall semester of 2010 with its upper level English classes. Tasks assigned to students have been varied from translating good articles from one Wikipedia to another (mostly English to Spanish), the writing of short articles in English, and adding, translating description of photographs in Commons. During the Fall 2011 semester, four independent study students fulfilled their advanced English requirement by working exclusively in Wikipedia, [learning how to become members of a "foreign" community which uses English as its main lingua franca (for more inforamtion see the Wikimedia blog article here [1]). Assignments have included writing and translating articles but also communication with outside Wikipedians and development of a GLAM project related to the Festival Internacional Cervantino, writing emails to various participating artists to request images for their Wikipedia articles. They even managed to get press passes to attend the event.

ITESM-CCM students working on translating articles in colaboration with the Children's Museum

At the same time, the Club Wikipedia was established which collaborated with the independent study students on the Cervantino project as well as an editathon in collaboration with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (August 2011). Members of this club continue to work in outreach with various institutions such as the Venustiano Carranza borough of Mexico City, Garros Galería art gallery and the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. (more on Festival Cervantino project here [2])

Since then, students from the International Baccalaureate Program have begun to work with Wikipedia to fulfill their community service requirement and a pilot project to allow undergraduate students to use Wikipedia to fulfill their "social service" requirement is underway.

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