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General program information[edit]

  • Event start date- June 2016
  • Event end date-March 2017

Education metrics[edit]

  • Number of instructors :1
  • Number of instructor editors:1
  • Number of students:475(Kannada)+498(Hindi)+223(Sanskrit)
  • Number of volunteers:2
  • Number of admins/sysops:3
  • Number of classes:30
  • Number of faculties:6

Global metrics[edit]

  • Number of active editors involved : 6
  • Number of newly registered users :236(Kannada)+ 271(Hindi)+ 141(Sanskrit)
  • Number of individuals involved  : 475(Kannada)+498(Hindi)+223(Sanskrit)
  • Number of media files uploaded  : 0
  • Number of articles created or improved  : 180+ in Kannada+119(Hindi)+8(Sanskrit)
  • Number of bytes added/deleted :

Diversity metrics[edit]

  • Number of female instructors : 2
  • Number of female students :
  • Number of female program volunteers : 0
  • Number of female program leaders :3

Participants list according to language[edit]

Event page on Local Wiki[edit]

Other Activites[edit]

Infographic showing activities under Wikipedia Education Program

Representation at WikiConference India 2016[edit]

Christ University's Wikipedia in Education Program at WikiConference India 2016 by Punjabi Wikimedians and WikiConference India team.

Student representatives from Christ University took part in WikiConference India 2016. Their proposal to present was accepted by the organisers and the students laid out the ongoing activities at Christ University. The global community was witness to volunteer retention beyond the scope of the Wikipedia Education Program.

WCI Presentation

Certificate course[edit]

A certificate course was introduced to the students of Christ University, with the aim of training interested students in advanced editing in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Policy pages[edit]

Christ University students have also taken active part in the framing of policy pages for Kannada Wikipedia, usually seen as a challenging administrative task. With the participation of community members, the students have been able to frame uniform guidelines in Kannada Wikipedia with basic policy pages like Deletion Policy, No Original Research, Article Title, Neutral Point of View etc. These were created and put up for review by the community. These localised policies were then accepted by the community.


In order to improve the quality of existing content on Kannada Wikipedia, CIS-A2K mentored 17 interns from Christ University, based on suggestions from the community. The students were asked to improve stub articles on Kannada Wikipedia. The students, while interning at CIS-A2K, edited and improved upon 2500 stub articles. Additionally, a list was made of articles that existed without images and references which were then improved by adding corresponding images and references. Around 300 articles were improved by the Christ University interns. This was widely appreciated by the community members.