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This page documents Wikipedia in Education programme in Shri. Vitthal Education and Research Institute in Pandharpur.


  1. Abhinav Garule, Programme Associate, CIS-A2K


There are two categories of metrics on which we are tracking for education program:

  • Education metrics
  • Global metrics.

General program information[edit]

Academic terms around the world vary in duration. Without this information, we cannot accurately compare contributions from place to place.

  • Event start date
15th December 2015
  • Event end date


Education metrics[edit]

The following "education metrics" are intended to provide a standardized way of tracking a few key measures of impact on goals specific to education.

  • Number of instructors: 2
  • Number of instructor editors: 2
  • Number of students
  • Number of volunteers: 2
  • Number of classes
  • Number of faculties: 30
  • Number of institutions: 3

Global metrics[edit]

The following is to provide a few key measures of progress towards our strategic goals for tracking content and participation.

  • Total number of editors who editor made, at least, five edits in the previous month and were involved at any capacity (planning, executing, participating, etc.) during the project:
  • Total number of editors who created a new account for a project within two weeks before the beginning of the project.
  • Total number of everybody involved, i.e. all people participating in the project — organizers, users, attendees, etc.
  • Total number of images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or added to Wikipedia articles or other Wikiproject pages.
  • Total number of articles created or improved during the program.
  • Total number of bytes added to and/or deleted from Wikimedia project pages by a user cohort as part of this program implementation.

Diversity metrics[edit]

  • Number of female instructors:0
  • Number of female students:0
  • Number of female program volunteers:13
  • Number of female program leaders:0

Other learnings[edit]

  • Learning question: Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
  • Learning question: Did your work improve teaching, and how do you know?
  • Learning question: Did your work increase learning, and how do you know?