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Primary Contacts

Kazakh students at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong

Dr. Bakytgul Salykhova, Teacher Trainer, Wikipedia Clubs

Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, WikiBilim

Program Description



  • WikiBilim encourages Kazakh Wikipedia’s use in educational institutions in Kazakhstan.
  • Four student clubs are getting started and 10 Wikipedia Ambassadors run campus-based trainings each week.
  • Rauan sees students as the main consumers of the information they’re creating on Kazakh Wikipedia, and he hopes to encourage them to join the community of editors and contribute to the 200,000 article goal WikiBilim set last year.

Wikipedia Clubs


Dr. Bakytgul Salykhova helped to organize “Wikipedia Clubs” in intellectual schools. From February to May 2013, they held seminars and workshops for students and teachers in 10 public schools in Kazakhstan, events that were attended by over 300 students and 40 teachers. During the seminars she explained how to write encyclopedic articles, how to edit, upload photos and make links. During the workshops, students worked both individually and in groups to write articles and then they present them in front of other students. She likes and try to use Wikipedia article writing as a tool in the teaching of school and university subjects. In her example, she used Kazkah literature. This page shows some of the articles they are editing.

Additional Information