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Universidad Veracruzana (UV) is one of the most prominent universities in the southeast region of Mexico.

In 2012 Silvia Gutiérrez de la Torre, head of Biblioteca Digital de Humanidades (Digital Humanities Library) began contact and work with Wikimedia Mexico chapter to found a Wikipedia Student Club and a Wikipedia Education Program at the UV. In 2013 she began negotiations for the creation of a DIY Scanner, and had the support of the authorities and enthusiast professors of the Engineering Faculty but moved to Würzburg, Germany, to course a Digital Humanities master. The DIY Scanner project keeps as pendant now under the lead of the division of the Institutional Repository.

In 2015 Dr. Alberto Ramírez Martinell, contacted Wikimedia Mexico due to the UV interest in deploy the WEP. In March 9, 2015, Wikimedia Mexico signed a Letter of Intention with their authorities to adopt the WEP, aiming to increase the initiative. From March to July, UV and WMMX will work on planning and training to the interested teachers from begin the work in the 2015 second semester.

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