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University of Oslo[edit]

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  1. Collaboration between assistant professor John McNicol at The Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at The University of Oslo and Wikimedia Norway.


  • Students at the subject HIS4050 Communicating History gets Wikipedia training from Wikimedia Norway and then work on creating new articles or editing existing articles related to their thesis. This has so far been done in the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016.
  • The objectives are:
    • To teach the students how to behave and contribute in a crowdsourcing environment
    • To contribute to the the Norwegian Wikipedia versions.
    • Learning to communicate their knowledge for a broad audience.

Norwegian Business School[edit]


  1. Name: Espen Andersen. Work: Professor, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo


  • Prof. Espen Andersen (Espen) regularly assigns Wikipedia writing as one of several graded assignments for various graduate level classes in Technology Strategy, eBusiness or IT Management (MBA/EMBA/M.Sc.), 3-4 classes per year of 25-60 students.
  • The objectives;
    • To teach the students how to behave and contribute in a crowdsourcing environment
    • To make Wikipedia better.
    • The students can contribute in any language version of Wikipedia they choose (most use the Norwegian or English one), but will create a user page listing their contributions, and write a reflection paper towards the end of the course.
    • The idea is that the students do the editing throughout the course, gaining experience as they go.