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Program Contacts[edit]

  • Vuk Vučetić, Education Coordinator of Wikimedia Community of Republic of Srpska
  • Bojana Podgorica, Coordinator for Wikimedia projects in Republic of Srpska

Program Portal[edit]

Program Information[edit]

Edu logo Wikimedia Community of Republic of Srpska

Educational program of the Wikimedia Community of the Republic of Srpska is intended for all scientific and educational institutions in the Republic (schools, faculties and institutes) and aims to expand and increase the content of free knowledge while at the same time raising awareness on importance of freely accessible knowledge for all. In addition, basis behind the Edu program of the Wikimedia Community of the Republic of Srpska is the idea of modernization and improvement of educational process through use of Wikimedia projects.

Project models[edit]

Realization of educational projects is achieved in accordance with concrete needs and type of the institution with which the community is cooperating. So far, there are several project models:

  • Seminars
  • Editing workshops
  • Wiki-schoolboy
  • Wiki-ambassador


Wikipedia workshop in Istočno Sarajevo.
Wikipedia workshop in Rogatica.
Wikipedia workshop in Višegrad.


Edu Wiki - edit-a-thon, Faculty of Philosophy East Sarajevo.
Edu Wiki - edit-a-thon, High school „Ivo Andrić” Višegrad.

Elementary schools[edit]

High Schools[edit]


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