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Program Contacts[edit]

Dr. Jack Tsen-Ta Lee, Assistant Professor of Law, School of Law, Singapore Management University

Contact Dr. Lee by leaving a message on his Wikipedia user talk page, or e-mailing him.

Program Description[edit]

Singapore Management University (SMU)[edit]

SMU Constitutional and Administrative Law Wikipedia Project
LL.B. students from the School of Law, Singapore Management University, visiting Parliament House, Singapore, in March 2011

The SMU Constitutional and Administrative Law Wikipedia Project is managed by Dr. Jack Tsen-Ta Lee, an assistant professor of law of the School of Law, Singapore Management University. Participants of the project are Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.) students. They work in groups to prepare Wikipedia articles, or parts of articles, about constitutional and administrative law in Singapore.

The aims of the project are to encourage students to internalize the material covered in the course; and to contribute towards producing a body of accurate information about Singapore constitutional and administrative law that is freely available on the Internet.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)[edit]

Education Program:Nanyang Technological University/ Information Technology (Spring 2015)

AB1401 introduces students to the business uses of information technology (IT). The course focuses on how businesses use information technology, and how they might exploit IT better to set themselves apart from their competition. This includes creating new businesses that are based on IT and how technology entrepreneurship offers a new source of value in the information economy.

As part of this assignment, about 100 students will be asked to contribute to stubs that are in need of additional help. The intent of the assignment is to introduce how contributing to Wikipedia would work.

Additional Information[edit]

An article about the project that appeared in the August 2013 This Month in Education newsletter (volume 2, issue 8): "The Singapore Management University Constitutional and Administrative Law Wikipedia Project – putting accurate and free information about Singapore law on the Internet".