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Miguel Vidal
  1. Name: Miguel Vidal. Work: working at LibreSoft, a Research and Development engineering group within the GsyC department at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain). I’m teaching and coordinating the Master on Free Software (Official Degree) and the Master on Digital Economy and Creative Industries at EOI Business School. I'm also the project manager of the Server Architectures Course.
  2. Name: María Calzada Pérez. Work: teaches at the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón Spain), where she leads the bilingual Universitat Jaume I - E-translating project (PROJECT IN ENGLISH WIKIPEDIA) [Aprendices de la Wikipedia] (PROJECT IN SPANISH WIKIPEDIA)
  3. Name: Elisa Alonso Jiménez. Work: teaches at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, where she leads the multilingual translation and teaching innovation project "Formación de traductores y desarrollo de contenido multilingüe en Wikipedia sobre "Mujeres y Ciencia"".


Catalan language[edit]

Spanish language[edit]


Universitat Jaume I[edit]

  • Second Year students from the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) will translate selected articles from the English to the Spanish Wikipedia language version in teams.
  • Students will have to attend to a translation commission.
  • The end-result (and reward for both students and teachers/facilitators) is to see their translations published in the Wikipedia article space.
  • Students will assess other translations and will propose corrections.
  • Wikipedia pages to be translated are pre-assessed by two main members of the ADELEX research team
  • The translations will be drafted in the Spanish user name space of the teams, ie. with a title such as es:usuario:Patricia Carbonell/Translationdraft. Then they will be checked twice (by the translation teams and the project team) regarding the translation itself as well as WP-guidelines and transferred to the main space, if the draft fulfills all relevant aspects.



  • Students from the Publicity and Public Relations Degree of the Universidad de Cádiz (course "Herramientas Multimedia y Animación"), in association with Wikimedia Spain, elaborate models, 2D or 3D animations for Wikipedia articles and publish them on Commons. The initiativa has been done several years and keeps active under as the UCAc2 project


  • Students from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, with the support of Wikimedia Spain, will expand and improve the content of articles related to women who have made significant contributions to various fields (literature, science, music, business, feminism, etc) in the Spanish Wikipedia, then translate them to other languages in their respective Wikipedias, as part of a teaching innovation project. Link to the project:


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