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Project Portals

This section is machine-translated from Thai page m:Wikimedians in Thailand/Wikiclubs in schools/th

Wikiclubs in Schools was a project of Wikimedia Thailand. Goals are:

  • To promote the use of Wikipedia in education for students, teachers, and individuals from education.
  • Scheduled to begin in the first semester of the 2555 academic year. (-543 years = 2012)
  • Know the difference between a reference to other sources
  • To gain knowledge within the sphere of their own interests
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of Wikipedia.
  • Know how to evaluate the reliability and audit resources.
  • The conditions relating to copyright and intellectual property.
  • Wikipedia and its use in education.
  • Make friends.
  • Collaboration. Know and use the discussion page creatively. And to cooperate with other volunteers on Wikipedia.
  • Share to other schools who can not access the internet with Wikipedia offline.

Participants are:

  • Teacher Advisor: unlimited group learning. (There should be at least one teacher per 15 students).
  • Members: Unlimited Class. (Optimal size is 3-30 people).


  • Training for students who need help by editing the article to the attention of students to the project wiki template label interest.
  • Have students create a user account in Wikipedia. Started to write articles of interest to students. And interact in the community wiki.
  • Ask students to share, edit and write articles constantly. (Depending on the time of the students).
  • Cooperation in the community hall. And share ideas to improve Wikipedia.
Logo Contest/Other contest

The logo contest was developed because some projects in Thailand have not been used in accordance with the Foundation's new logo for Wiktionary. The contest would involve:

  • Essay contest / drawing / graffiti on Wikipedia as my ideas about Wikipedia. Wikipedia in my eyes, etc..
  • Short Video Contest. No longer than one minute in the creek with (upload to Commons to join the contest. But judging from the audience on Youtube).
  • Quiz Competition Wikipedia Thailand. (The idea of ​​a competition for youth, Thailand's Encyclopedia of Lions Club International. And questioning the weekly Tranwill).
  • Souvenir (Wikimedia merchandise imported from the U.S. and / or produced in Thailand).
  • Scholarships and grants to students and schools develop computer hardware. (Part of the Wikimedia Foundation, partly to find a local support such as Intel or Synnex).
  • Certificate / plaque - a cup. To schools and students.