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This table represents Version 2.0 of the Education Program Dashboard. Please refrain from editing numbers already submitted by other volunteers or programs unless you are affiliated with that program and are updating or correcting the data.


Dashboard 2.0[edit]

Dashboard 2.0 lives in this online spreadsheet.


  1. Event Start
  2. Event End
  3. Total number of classes participating
  4. Total number of instructors participating
  5. Total number of students participating
  6. Total number of volunteers who contributed hours
  7. Total number of everybody involved, i.e. all people participating in the project -- organizers, users, attendees, etc.
  8. Total number of institutions participating
  9. Total number of bytes added to and/or deleted from Wikimedia project pages by a user cohort as part of this program implementation.
  10. Total number of articles created or improved during the program.
  11. Total number of images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or added to Wikipedia articles or other Wikiproject pages.