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Q: What skills will my students gain through these lesson plans?

A: Through these lessons, the skills that students will learn are lasting: not only will they gain the technical knowledge of learning how to edit a page, they will also learn the values of collaborating with others, using free licenses, and practicing the values of the Wikimedia movement’s culture.

Q: What does edit mean on Wikimedia projects?

A: The definition of an “edit” on Wikipedia is not limited to editing text on a page—it can also mean adding images and references, translating, or creating content.

Q: What materials will I need to support this campaign in my classroom?

A: Educators will need a computer with Internet connection, a Wiki account, and one or more lesson plans. Students will each need a computer with Internet connection and a Wiki account.

Q: I’m unconvinced that Wikipedia assignments would be better for my students than traditional assignments.

A: Students polled preferred a Wikipedia assignment to a traditional assignment.

Q: There are a lot of vandals on Wikipedia. My students might encounter incorrect information on an article.

A: Wikipedia has an elaborate system for detecting and discouraging vandals and vandalism.

Q: Is Wikipedia really a reliable source?

A: Studies done about the English and German Wikipedia encyclopedias have shown that it is as reliable as traditional ones, but that it updates faster. Additionally, there has been a lot of research and material composed about Wikipedia's reliability.

Q: Do the lesson plans involve assignments for students to be done outside of class?

A: The lesson plans do not have assignments, but assignments based off of the lesson plan can be made very easily.