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This page is a translated version of the page Education/EduWiki Campaign/Lesson Plans/Images and the translation is 22% complete.
Lecionplano: Bildoj en Vikipedio
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Proksimuma daŭro

45 minutoj


Students will gain, reinforce, understand, or learn:

  • How to upload photos to Commons
  • How to enhance or supplement writing with images
  • The culture of remixing media in a free license culture such as Wikimedia
  • How image licenses work and what they signify
  • What Wikimedia Commons is and what it is used for
  • The knowledge of how a large online community works
  • How to collaborate with others worldwide in an online community

Paŝoj de procezo

  1. Explain what Wikimedia Commons is and what it is used for. (This page provides a good explanation of Commons).
    1. Explain what the image license means and what rights to the image you are giving up when you upload. (This page provides some background of image licensing and articulates what rights you give up when you upload something to Commons).
    2. Show them how to upload an image.
  2. Have your students practice inserting an image from Commons on their Sandbox.
  3. Split your students into small groups and have them do some pre-work by finding articles that could be expanded or improved with the addition of images. They can start by looking for articles about topics that interest them.
  4. Find media on Commons that could be used to illustrate the article (if not, ask students to upload their own images)
  5. Edit the article by inserting the image.

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