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Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse - Team Application Form[edit]

Before starting your application, make sure all members of your team have read and understood the team application guidelines.

Project idea[edit]

What idea do you want to bring to the W&E Greenhouse?[edit]

Describe the context, theme, goals, strategies, duration of your proposed initiative. Be as detailed as possible.

The biggest population of Uganda speaks and uses Luganda as a local langauge but there is limited content in luganda online. This project,seeks to bridge the content gap by availing localised content online in Luganda. We want to target Students in secondary schools to utilise the use of open education resources like Wikipedia, wikisource in their learning. In turn we want to collaborate with the department of languages , Makerere University to avail content relevant to the students learning.This will be a one year initiative.


  • work with two secondary schools
  • Train five teachers on how to use open education resources in their class rooms
  • Works with university to create content to be used by secondary school teachers


  • Digital literacy for teachers and students
  • Internet access for students and teachers
  • Improve the luganda wikipedia interface
  • Create awareness on the use of Luganda Wikipedia in the selected schools
  • Conduct advocacy meetings for the adoption of Luganda Wikipedia as an education resource in Uganda schools.

Who would you engage in your initiative?[edit]

Describe the kind of relationships you have or plan to establish with potential partners in your community, both in your local Wikimedia community and education community.

We will be engaging the following partners

  • wikimedia community user group Uganda will offer training support and we will partner with two
  • Mbazzi centre
  • two secondary schools
  • Department of langauges at makerere university.
  • Geothe Zentrum Kampala

In terms of financial resources, how much money would you need to achieve your goals?[edit]

Indicate your local currency and describe how you would divide your budget for this project.

we will use the UGX (Uganda shilling)

Item Description amount per unit(usd) amount per unit(ugx) Total amount
Computers / laptops Project Laptop,for translation and trainings $300 $600
Internet routers for schools and coordinator $78 $234
Internet subscrition monthly subscription $50 $1800
Food and Drinks For trainings and events $100 $300
T-Shirts $100 $100
Stickers, posters and fliers $50 $50
Communication $200 $200
Roll up banner $100 $100
Staff Salaries One coordinator and volunteers allowances $700 $8400
Transport and accomodation $1000 $1000
Total $12,784

How will you know your project has succeeded?[edit]

Describe potential evaluation plans, indicators, tools, etc. that will help you identify if you have achieved your goals

  • The number of views of education content on luganda wikipedia
  • Teachers using the resources in their classrooms
  • Digital literacy for students and teachers
  • Increased content on Luganda wikipedia(in connection with the students syllabus)
  • Increased Contributors on the luganda wikipedia

What are the biggest challenges you foresee in the implementation of your idea and how would you address them?[edit]

Be as detailed as possible.


  • computer literacy of the teachers and students. Most educators are no conversant with digital literacy even with the existence of computer labs in the schools.
  • Alignment of the project with the school calendar. To complement the arranged school schedule versus disrupting the process which may cause teacher fatigue.
  • Internet Access for the students and teachers which includes ; slow connections , limited availability
  • Electricity black outs; Even when training or engagements are organised, there is usual black out during the day for electricity which poses a challenge since events will be during the day.


Why do Wikimedia projects belong in education?[edit]

Share your team’s perspectives on the value of Wikimedia projects in education.

Wikimedia projects are platforms for open education resources which can support teachers and students. They help teachers in materials creation and dissemination and in turn on their practice and professional growth. Most countries try to provide freely accessible education through public schools. Uganda introduced universal primary education (UPE) in 1997. Which show a need for free education. But due to understaffed school with lack to scholarly material,Wikimedia projects provide a medium for education for both teachers ans students.

Why do you want to join the W&E Greenhouse?[edit]

Share your main reasons for applying, motivation, expectations, and what you would like to achieve by the end of this experience.

Luganda is one of the most popular mother tounges and is the main trading language in Uganda. At one point a child has to use both languages interchangeably. We have media in Luganda ie. radio, television and newspaper . I feel students can get a good learning experience in the langauge spoken everyday by them. Luganda is taught in class and wikipedia can be a good learning platform for these secondary students. Not only to they get computer skills , they learn how preserve their own culture and launguage. The university students will learn the value of sharing and teaching a younger generation. They will be able to use what they are learning at university even before graduating. In the past such students have stayed active editors in their language wikipedia.

By the university students creating the content secondary student need in their daily work at school , it create a well oiled education machine with content generators and content consumers.


Who are the members of your team?[edit]

Indicate who will be the main focal point and the roles/responsibilities each member would have during the development of your project. Make sure your Wikimedia usernames are properly linked.

Where is your team located?[edit]

Keep in mind that all team members should be in the same location for the on-site visits from the WMF Education team. These visits will be scheduled in advance in consultation with the selected team.

Our Team is located in Kampala,Uganda. We are currently hosted at Goethe Zentrum, Bukoto street Kamokya

What languages does your team speak?[edit]

Please, keep in mind that for this first edition of the Greenhouse the main language of communication will be English.

  • English
  • Luganda

Have any members of your team been involved in organizing other Wikimedia outreach initiatives?[edit]

Please, provide links to newsletters/photos/documentation if available.


Which members of your team will join the “Wikimedia & Education Project Management” online course?[edit]

Remember at least one member of your team needs to join and fully complete the online course.

All team will joint the online course

How did you learn about this opportunity?[edit]

African wikimedia mailing list

Get involved[edit]

Community notification[edit]

You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a Village Pump, talk page, mailing list, etc.--> Please paste links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.


Do you think this project should be selected to participate in the W&E Greenhouse? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project below! (Other constructive feedback is welcome on the discussion page).

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