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History & Geography
  • Start year: 2011
  • Countries (list all): Greece, Estonia (outreach)
  • Cities (list all. and please link to local WP articles.):
    • Athens (workshops, presentations and courses)
    • skype & phone sessions to: Ioannina, Kozani, Patra, Kalamata, Levadia, Thessaloniki, London, all undocumented, approached as Wikipedia School of Athens
    • Physical workshops, before Wikipedia School, in Zakinthos, Kalamata, Chalkida, Levadia
    • Delphi as Wikipedia School
    • - activity page, Wikipedia School articles
  • Wikimedia projects (list all): Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata
  • Languages (list all): Greek, English
  • Funding (yes/no? please explain): Yes
    • 4 months after starting Wikipedia School courses in Kaisariani, Athens (Sept. 2014)
  • Outreach events (workshops, conferences, etc.) (yes/no? and total #): yes
    • 64 (not counting systematic courses of 2014-2015 Wikipedia Schools)
  • Courses (yes/no? and total #): yes
    • 550 Wikipedia School hours since May 2014
  • WikiCamps (yes/no? and total #): no
  • WikiClubs (yes/no? and total #): no
  • WikiExpeditions (yes/no? and total #): yes
    • 1 school year (2nd Gymnasium of Kaisariani)
  • Teacher training (yes/no? and approximate # of teachers trained): yes
    • 30 teachers at Wikipedia School courses
    • 10 workshops for teachers before Wikipedia School start (undocumented number of participants)
  • Government partnerships (yes/no?): yes
    • Wikipedia School in Diorthodox Center of Church of Greece (Penteli, Athens) operates under the aegis of Greek Ministry of Education
  • OER (yes/no?): yes
  • MOOCs (yes/no?): no
  • Universities (list all. list associated faculties/departments. and please link to local WP articles.):
    • Metsovion Polytechnical University of Athens
    • University of Athens (Science School)
    • University of Kalamata (Philosophy Dept)
    • SEMFE (Physics Dept) of Metsovion Polytechnical University of Athens
    • Charocopeion University (Athens)
    • University of Pireaus
  • Secondary schools (list all):
    • 2nd Gymnasium of Kaisariani
    • 24th Gymnasium of Athens
    • Pierce College of Greece
    • Avgoulea-Linardatou School (Peristeri, Athens)
  • Primary schools (list all):
    • Lithakia Elementary School of Zakynthos
    • 66th Elementary School of Athens
    • 24th Elementary School of Kalamata
    • 6th Elementary School of Agia Paraskevi (Athens)
    • Europaean Standard School (Ellinikon, Athens)
  • Adult schools (list all):
    • Diorthodox Center of Church of Greece
    • Adult Educational Institution (IEK) of Chaidari (Athens)
    • Adult Educational Institution (IEK) of Agios Dimitrios (Athens)
    • Adult Educational Institution (IEK) of Zografou (Athens)
    • French Institute of Athens
    • MOSAIC Ρehabilitation Center
  • Senior programs (list all):
  • Students (total #): 216 since May 2014 (Wikipedia School project only, not counting parallel and older workshops)
  • Educators (total #): 5
  • Education program volunteers (total #): 5
  • Education program volunteers who are Admins/Sysops/Stewards (total #): 0
  • Local education program manager (total #):
  • Articles created (yes/no? and total #): yes
  • Articles improved (yes/no? and total #): yes
  • Articles translated (yes/no? and total #): yes
  • Files uploaded (yes/no? and total #): yes
  • Bytes added (total #):
  • Bytes deleted (total #):
  • Featured articles (total #):
  • Good articles (total #):
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  • Links to Meta wiki program reports (APG, PEG, IEG),_Greece/Report#Project_metrics


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