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Wikimedia at the Open Educational Resources Conference 2018[edit]

Authors: Ewan McAndrew and Martin Poulter

The Bristol Watershed cinema - the venue for OER18
Lorna Campbell taking the stage for keynote at OER18 - 'The Long View - Changing perspectives on OER'
OER18 Conference - Stories of Student Empowerment
A new Wiki editor captures their edit going live on Listen to Wikipedia
Jason Evans, National Wikimedian for Wales, at OER18
Wikidata in the Classroom - the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft database project
Wikimedia UK at OER18: Jason Evans, Martin Poulter and Hannah Evans

Summary: The 9th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy, OER18, took place at the Bristol Watershed Cinema on 18 and 19 April 2018. Its theme was ‘Open to All’ and it featured Wikimedia heavily in its programme.

OER18 further builds on the advocacy work of the last seven years when Martin Poulter first presented on ‘Wikipedia and Higher Education: beat them or join them?’ back in 2011. An overview of Wikimedia UK’s growing engagement with the OER Conference over the years can be found on the Wikimedia UK site. A playlist of the recorded talks from the conference can be found on ALT’s Youtube channel while the Wikimedia related sessions are also hosted on CC-BY licences on the University of Edinburgh’s Media Hopper channel along with a recently uploaded playlist of 2018 videos of interviews with staff and students about the Wikimedia residency. A roundup of blogposts since the conference can be found on OER18’s site.

Tags: Wikipedia, OER18, OER, Open education, Wikidata, Wikipedia in the Classroom, University of Edinburgh, Wikimedian in Residence, University of Oxford, New York University, ALT, Bristol, Wales, Welsh education, National Library of Wales, Jason Evans, Martin Poulter, Anne-Marie Scott, Lorna Campbell, Jeffrey Keefer, Ewan McAndrew.