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Review meeting for the Christ University Wikipedia Education Program held in February


Author: Ananth Subray

Summary: A review meeting was organised on the on-going Education program at Christ University with the members of Wikimedia India and Centre for Internet and Society to understand the scope, progress and outcome of the program.

Faculty members and members of WMIN and CIS during the review meeting.

Christ University in collaboration with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) conducted a review meeting for its Wikipedia Education Program on 3rd February 2018. This was the third review meeting for the program this year with an aim to bring external auditors and analyse the progress and outcome of the program. Authorities of CU, such as Registrar, faculty-in-charge of the project, staffs of the language department along with the Student ambassadors were part of the meeting, also members of Wikimedia India (WMIN) and CIS attended the meeting. Rahul Deshmukh and Santosh Shingare, Marathi Wikipedians, EC members and one of the mentors of Wikimedia Hack-a-thons at IIT Bombay represented the Wikimedia India chapter.

Dr. Mallika Krishnaswami, the Head of Language department initiated the discussion process which was followed by a presentation by the students that highlighted the growth of the program in last five years. In 2013, where approximately 346 students were part of the program, currently, 1200 students have enrolled for the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) program in three languages (Kannada, Hindi, and Sanskrit). The CIA method divides the program on the basis of different modules, where students from different semesters get involved in different Wikimedia projects and activities, from digitisation and proofreading on Wikisource to improve and create Wikipedia articles and others. The guests were overwhelmed by the large student ratio taking part in the program and said that their power must be used to bring in more contributions to Open Knowledge movement.

The Registrar of Christ University took an active involvement in the review process and acknowledged the work of the faculty members and students. The institution will use all its resources to help more students get involved in the Education program and spread awareness about the importance of Wikipedia. Dr. Anil Pinto, a faculty member of the institution also mentioned that Christ University is also willing to provide infrastructural support and will also invest for the growth and benefits for students. This has broadened the outlook and has made the student body to put on their thinking caps.

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