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The Education Survey Report is out!


Author: Vahid Masrour (WMF)

Summary: The Education Survey Report is out! Find out what different stakeholders think of the education programs and the recommendations that come out from this "baseline" of the community's thoughts.

Back in the fall of 2017 the Education Team at WMF sent out a survey to gather opinions, thoughts, and perceptions of a variety of stakeholders to the Education Programs. The stakeholders included Program Leaders, of course, but also educators, wikimedians, and WMF staff. We received over 200 answers, giving us a baseline of where these key partners of education programs find themselves, and quite a few inklings at what they want for the future.

A post on the Wikimedia blog with key ideas of the report can be read here.

The report can be read on-wiki here.

It can also be downloaded here.

As you can imagine, the education team very much wants to discuss the findings and their potential impacts with the community, which is why we will be holding an online meeting on February 14th. We will make a detailed announcement soon on all our social media channels and hope you can join us with your comments, questions and ideas!

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