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Young Wikipedian: at WikiClub you get knowledge on your own will[edit]

Authors:Tamara Grigoryan, Gayane (WMAM) (Wikimedia Armenia)

Summary: This is the story of 17-year-old Mariam Asryan, an active editor from Karvachar WikiClub.

Mariam Asryan at Summer WikiCamp 2017.

17-year-old Mariam Asryan is one of the first and most active editors of Karvachar’s WikiClub. She started editing on Wikipedia since February 2017, when the Karvachar’s WikiClub was not opened yet. Mariam has already created more than 70 articles on Wikipedia, most part of which is about different painters.

‘’Editing on wikipedia gives me much knowledge, which I didn’t have before. I had very little knowledge of Russian language. I have improved my Russian language skills by translating articles from Russian Wikipedia’’, tells Mariam.

According to her, translation helped her to enhance Armenian as well both in verbal and written communication.

‘’I’ve also got much computer skills, I can find whatever I need in internet easier. Now I can announce proudly that editing on Wikipedia made me a knowledgeable person, now I have general knowledge about the world in whole’’.

Mariam is sure that she gets new knowledge by translating every single sentence.

‘’While translating my first article, I made many mistakes, after the second one the mistakes are reducing. When I meet an unknown word or an idea, I search for it in Wikipedia or in other web-sites and find out what it means’’.

Mariam’s first articles on Wikipedia were about villages of Artsakh Republic. “Not much information about villages of Artsakh is available on the web, so starting editing on Wikipedia, I’ve decided to add information. I’ve created some articles about different villages, including one about my home village, Zardakhach, Martakert region’’, Mariam remembers.

Continuing exploring the opportunities provided by Wikipedia, I realized that I can get much information about my future profession as well. Painting is my greatest passion and my future profession and I started translating about different painters and styles of painting. Due to these articles now I know about the main styles in paintings and the most influential and important painters of all the times. Becoming a professional and well-educated specialist is crucial for me and I am sure that reading and translating about various painters, exhibitions will largely contribute to this, Mariam states.

Mariam assures her fellow-students: ‘’Editing on Wikipedia is first of all very cool. The important point here is you don’t get tired in Wikiclub, editing is not an obligation, but rather your will to get knowledge. I advise all the students at school to start editing in Wikipedia. They will certainly get much knowledge and in future they will just be intelligent people, no matter what profession they will choose’’, Mariam concludes.

Karvachar’s WikiClub of Wikimedia Armenia was established in March, 2017 and has 25-30 active editors monthly.

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