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Collaboration with American University of Armenia

Author: Lilit Tarkhanyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Summary: The article tells about one of the large scale educational collaborations of Wikimedia Armenia with the universities.

This year Wikimedia Armenia began a large scale collaboration with the American University of Armenia. The collaboration with all the lecturers of Armenian language and literature allowed us to hold 7 introductory workshops for the 2nd year students of the University. The students were represented Wikimedia ideology, Wikimedia Movement and Wikimedia projects. They were encouraged to have their contribution in the Armenian Wikimedia projects within the frames of their classroom projects, thus contributing to the creation and dissemination of free knowledge. Judging by the active discussions and arosen questions the students showed their interest in writing articles on Literature.

As a result of the coordinated work of Wikimedia Armenia staff and the AUA lecturers, 34 students contributed in Armenian Wikipedia and Wikisource. 12 students proofread the Armenian literary, scientific, social-political magazine “Gorts” published in 1917. The other students translated 20 articles from English Wikipedia on literary genres, works and writers.

The collaboration with the AUA is one of the major and interesting collaborations of WMAM Education program the continuation of which will help us enrich Armenian Wikipedia and Wikisource with high quality content on Literature.

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