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Selet WikiSchool: results of first half of 2019

Author: Тимерхан


New kind of events of Selet WikiSchool project are wikiexpeditions.

Wiki-expedition of Selet WikiSchool is specially organized trip of Wikipedia participants to the cultural object, results of which are published in the Wikimedia projects corresponding free text and media content. During these trips teens visited Bilyar museum-reserve, Iske-Kazan state museum-reserve, researched memorials of Arsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. The last one was devoted to Tatar scientist Shigabutdin Mardjani.

On February 28 and March 1, 2019 Kazan hosted the annual forum "Education in Russia / EDU RUSSIA" for the second time. In connection with the recognition of the importance of the contribution of Tatar language Wikimedians in education, the organizers were interested in the educational program of Wikimedia and asked them to recommend to the Russian and Tatarstan cases for improving the efficiency of the educational process. Stanislav Kozlovsky (Moscow), Executive Director of Wikimedia Russia, and Timerkhan Shaikhutdinov (Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan), a member of the group of Tatar-speaking members of the Wikimedia community, were invited to participate in the conference and speak at the session "General education". The performance of Timerkhan as coordinator of the project "Selet WikiSchool" was a demonstration of the experience already acquired in Tatarstan of special interest to the "Wikiscope Selet" is that the project is implemented by youth for themselves outside the classroom.

From 4 to 18 April 2019 was held on the campaign for accepting applications project "Selet WikiSchool" at the spring educational session 2019. The format of the session was organized in the following way: 5 online lessons for all students, 3 practical lessons – in the Selet House with online broadcast. Participation in the session implies an online option, as a result of able to participate any young people with Internet access and speaking Tatar language. To confirm participation it was necessary to complete the application online . Out of 223 applications, 175 participants from 22 districts of the Republic of Tatarstan were selected as participants of the educational session. Thanks to the participants, the Tatar Wikipedia was enriched with 154 free information articles, the number of views of which exceeded three thousand. Among the articles ”History of the Don Cossacks“, ”Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina“, ”Denis Molchanov“, ”Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier“, ”Nature of Belarus“, ”Armenian folk music“, ”Geography of Northern Macedonia" and many others. As a result, young Wikipedians who passed the program, on behalf of the Ministry of youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, Wikimedia Russia and "Selet" Fund receive Tatar-English-Russian certificate. Participants of the Selet WikiSchool joined Tatar language part of the international contest of Wikipedia articles "Wiki-Spring 2019" — the Wikimedia CEE Spring 2019, which took place from 21 March to 31 may 2019. The main purpose of the event is to develop free information in different languages about the phenomena related to the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe. From 1 to 30 June, the results of the competition will be summed up. The user who gets the most points gets a cash prize of 200€.

12th June was day of start of summer educational campaign of Selet WikiSchool. You can read news about events of the campaign in social profiles of Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group.

Social Media channels or hashtags: #SeletWiki #tatugwiki; User Group page @ Tatar Wikipedia & User Group in Twitter.