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Virtual lessons on Wikipedia from Wikimedia Polska for schools

Author: Klara Sielicka-Baryłka (WMPL) (talk)

Summary: At the end of the school year, schools in Poland were still closed, and then gradually opened during the last few weeks. The Wikimedia Polska education team invited teachers and students to take part in lessons about Wikipedia and its sister projects. The online formula was implemented even when the students were physically in the classroom with the help of the clasrooms' interactive boards.

Schools from the whole country (big and small towns, even villages) booked virtual lessons from May to June 2021, for example Primary School no. 11 from Gdynia. It was a really busy time for me ;) Some lessons, as booked in advance, will take place in September.

Would you like a piece of advice? Talk about Minecraft, Among Us at first ― it`s a real ice-breaker, comparing Wikipedia sites on these topics! And as for teachers, the articles on local sights, history will be interesting for them to look "behind the curtains" of Wikipedia.

On the Wikiszkoła website, we encourage schools to book lessons: "Invite a Wikipedian to a lesson on Wikipedia! We can meet your students online or live. It is an opportunity to talk about the conscious reception of content on the Internet, about creating it in accordance with the principles of credibility and ethics, in the spirit of cooperation and interdisciplinarity. The meetings are always based on examples close to the young audiences and allow them to discover the secrets of the world's greatest encyclopedia".

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