Education/News/March 2018/Animated science educative videos in Basque for secondary students

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Animated science educational videos in Basque for secondary school students[edit]

Author: Aiora Mujika

Summary: The Education Program in the Basque Wikipedia has secured a commitment to release a considerable number of video licenses, including those put together by the Elhuyar Foundation. We have uploaded over 32 animation clips devised for the scientific series Teknopolis, and we are now working on embedding them in the relevant different articles. This series aired in a Basque public channel is the first one to be released on a Creative Commons license.

The 32 video clips released by the Elhuyar Foundation deal with a variety of different topics. We will learn of specific human and animal characteristics, they will also help us gain better insight into atomic and molecular structures, and will have the opportunity to work out what the future holds by revisiting history.

The clips are engaging and light, easy to understand. They do not provide too many details or draw on in-depth analyses. They are actually very convenient to get familiar with unknown topics. They all feature a duration between 1m 30s and 2m 30s, with an off-voice providing explanations, illustrated with designs and pictures.

These audiovisuals do not stand for written information, but they actually complement each other. Thanks to these video clips, contents are liable to reach a wider audience and are instrumental in getting us to understand topics that may be too abstract to grasp if only presented in written text. That way, s/he who gets hooked by the clip may consider reading the written article in greater detail and length.