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Education Programs Itinerary[edit]

Author: Vahid Masrour

Summary: A short guide for new Education Program leaders is up for discussion. Please comment and improve!

As part of the preparations for the Education Session at WMCON18, WMAR and the Education Team at WMF have collaborated on creating a document that volunteers that are new to Education Programs could use as a general guide to the process of getting a program running.

You can find the document here:

The proposed document focuses mostly on Wikipedia Assignments, as a starting point. Eventually, similar documents could be created for other contexts (Wikibooks projects for elementary schools, Wikitravel for tourism studies, Wikinews for journalism students, ...).

The document should be considered as a conversation starter, and we very much encourage all Education Program Leaders to improve it directly, or add questions and comments on the talk page.

As mentioned, further discussions of the document will take place during WMCON, with the intention of making it evolve as a guide of sorts that can be readily used in a variety of contexts.

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