Education/News/March 2020/Education Program in CUC Sur, Jalisco, México

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Education Program in CUC Sur, Jalisco, México

Author: José Reyes (WMMX)

Summary: Initial activities were conducted in the partnership between the Centro Universitario Costa Sur (CUC Sur) of the University of Guadalajara and Wikimedia México.

During February 12-14, Wikimedia Mexico developed activities for an education community of the CUC Sur. This group consisted of students from the Engineering of Natural and Agropecuary Resources BA and the Natural Resources Management MA programs. Likewise three teachers of the humanities department joined us in the activities celebrated in this institution.

In the course of these activities, we facilitated pedagogical experiences that invited reflection and dialogue around free culture. The first day we conducted a general presentation of the projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, the work conducted by Wikimedia Mexico, and the inclusion of these in education environments. The second day we led a conference for the general public under the name of “Wikipedia in daily life: The school and academia”. We also continued our work by uploading images to Wikimedia Commons and reflecting on the importance of free licences. To conclude, on the third day we did a recap of past sessions and we provided a basic workshop on how to edit Wikipedia.

From Wikimedia Mexico we believe in the importance of these activities to consolidate the education programs in education institutions of different parts of the country.

We thank the University of Guadalajara and the Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur for welcoming us and for believing in the projects that promote free knowledge from the classroom.

Social Media channels or hashtags: @Wikimedia_mx @CUCSur #WikipediaEnElAula #WikipediaEducación