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Wiki Camp 'Meet Germany'

Author: MacedonianBoy

Summary: 'Meet Germany' is a three-day German Wiki Camp for Wiki Club members in the Republic of North Macedonia, taking place in the weekend of 3rd to 5th of May 2019. Meet Germany is a mutual project of GLAM Macedonia and the Goethe Institute in Skopje with the aim to fill the content gap on German themes on Macedonian Wikipedia. All Wiki Club members in the Republic of Macedonia are welcome to apply for participation. In the three days several workshops and edit-a-thons are planned for 33 students. Accepted topics of articles are all German themes, for example history, geography and culture of Germany and much more.

In the period from May 3 to May 5 2019, a three-day Wiki Camp was organized and held by GLAM Macedonia and Goethe Institute Skopje. The members of the Macedonian Wiki Clubs were gathered to take part in this Wiki Camp titles ‘Meet Germany’. The camp was held in the hotel ‘Romantik’, on the shore of Mladost Lake, near Veles. The participants of the Wiki Camp were students from different elementary and high schools in Macedonia.

The main goal of the Wiki Camp was creating new articles connected to Germany and German culture. Moreover, the students were encouraged to improve the existing ones on the Macedonian Wikipedia.

Besides editing Wikipedia, the students had the opportunity to hear some excellent lectures about Wikipedia and free knowledge on the Internet. The lectures involved interaction between the participants and the lecturer. The Camp was opened by the Goethe Institute representative, Kristina Velkovska. The special guest of the camp was Gereon K., an administrator on the German language Wikipedia.

Each of the Wiki Camp participants was awarded with a small present, available thanks to Goethe Institute and Wikimedia Germany. At the end of the Wiki Camp, each participant got a certificate for participation. The results of the Wiki Camp were more than satisfying. During these three days, the students created 539 new articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia. The articles are connected to the German history, sports, culture, geography, film and music. This was the third successfully organized Wiki Camp by GLAM Macedonia, and first in collaboration with Goethe Institute.


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