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Wikimedia Education at "Wikicamp Chattogram 2019"

Author: Mohammed Galib Hasan


A session had been taken on Wikimedia Education at "Wikicamp Chattogram 2019" by me along with 10 other participants. Where the participants get acknowledged how Wikimedia Education Program is working, its new mission, goals and latest Project.

Wikicamp Chattogram 2019 (WCC) is a day-long event for experienced and new Wikimedians from Chattogram, Bangladesh.The core objective of the event is to increase Wikipedia Awareness in Chattogram Community as well to develop skills and expertise of New Contributors by the guidance from experienced Wikimedian of the community. On the Program schedule there was a Session called "Wikimedia Education" where i have discussed about Wikimedia Education Program with the participants. The Discussion contained:

  • Basic Introduction to Wikimedia Education.
  • How the Education Community is Working with it goals.
  • How they can also involved with Education Program.
  • At last about Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse.

The participants got most interest on Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse as i had discussed with them about this project briefly like how they can involve and Contribute to Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse Project.

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