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Dear EduWiki community,

Thank you for championing the idea that Wikimedia projects belong in education. The work you do in your local communities is so important–and so are the people you work with: educators, students, families, volunteers, school leaders, policy makers, and more. From November 2019, in every Education newsletter we are highlighting at least one person who is impacting or who has been impacted by Wikimedia & Education work. This person can be a movement organiser, volunteer, teacher, student, school leader, policy maker, anyone you think we should know about!

Please nominate someone other than yourself, to nominate someone please write an email to spatnaik﹫ and include the following information
  • Who do you want to nominate?
  • How has this person impacted or been impacted by Wikimedia in education?
  • A photo if you have one
  • Any other relevant information

Meet some of the volunteers: