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Hashemite University continues its strong support of Education program activities[edit]

Author: Tighe Flanagan and Mossab Banat

Awards ceremony for Spring 2017 semester - Wikipedia Education Program Jordan, Hashemite University


In the Spring of 2017 over 500 students participated in 12 courses at the Hashemite University. Recently the university announced its continued support for Wikipedia education activities at their campus including financial backing for a Wikipedia Club.

Several months ago the Hashemite University, located in Zarqa, Jordan, announced its support for a Wikipedia Club. Led by Mossab Banat, an active Wikimedian and medical student, there have been several initiatives to teach students about Wikipedia and its sister projects and to get them to contribute, especially in their areas of study to improve the Arabic Wikipedia.

In the Spring of 2017 over 500 students participated in the following courses: advanced cell biology, skin pharmacological preparations, food sciences, communication skills for nursing , clinical skills lab, respiratory system anatomy, bioinformatics, energy resources, wireless networks, computer networks, chemical research methods, and information technology systems. Of the 163 new articles created 2 were selected as featured articles by the Arabic Wikipedia community. More achievements are in the recent report by the Wikimedians of the Levant User Group.

The Hashemite University has been a strong supporter of these initiatives, allowing Mossab to work with interested professors and their students. Now, the university has strengthened it’s support by committing to sustain these activities with financial resources as well.

Mossab is a member of the Wikimedians of the Levant User Group and one of the top contributors to the Arabic Wikipedia. You can read more about him in a blog post from earlier this year.

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