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Wikicontest for high school students


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The "Wikiconcours lycéen" (high school wikicompetition) is an educational initiative arising from a course taught in schools and high schools known as Éducation aux médias et à l'information (education to media and information), taught to all French pupils. Originally designed five years ago, within a local education authority (Toulouse) by a documentalist who was already using Wikipedia in their institution, the following year the project was carried out in partnership with Wikimédia France with the aim of moving up a gear. Several local education authorities were keen to participate and as a result the high school wikicompetition was held all over the country. On this occasion, the wikicompetition really took shape and in addition to a project page, a guide was published by the association: Utiliser Wikipédia en classe (Using Wikipedia in the classroom).

This activity is now considered a priority by the Ministry of National Education, which enables us to raise awareness among and to train three target audiences: teachers, teacher-documentalists and inspectors. These groups are "opinion leaders" when it comes to advocating the use of Wikipedia to future contributors (pupils and students). For three years now, approximately 1000 to 1500 high school students have taken part in the wikicompetition each year and the teachers are actively requesting this type of operation. Around 1000 articles are created and improved.

French-language high schools in other countries will be joining the competition (particularly in French-speaking Africa) in addition to high schools in the AEFE network (Agence pour l'enseignement du français à l'étranger – Agency for French Education Abroad).

Our objective is therefore to ensure that more classes see contribution work through to the very end (the online publication of the draft) and do not drop out along the way. This requires an increase in the number of training sessions we organise in the country aimed at teachers. Last year, in addition to the ones involves in the contest, around 400 have been outreached and trained.

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