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Wikipedia Education Program in Bangkok,Thailand[edit]

Author: Mohammed Galib Hasan

Summary: Two Presentation had been presented on Wikipedia Education Program in Bangladesh & Taiwan in International Conference On Education & E-learning (ICEEL2017) which was helded 2-4 November in Bangkok,Thailand.About 45 participants joined in the Conference and 13 participants joined this session under Category CAI and Online Education Assessment. Where Huang had presented 20 minutes and me 10 minutes about Wiki Education Project in Taiwan & Bangladesh.

Article: In this Conference, Both Huang & me expressed "How Wikipedia Education program is running On Our Country", and we had presented two different presentations in the Conference. During the conference, we had exchanged Our experience for how we are doing our Education Outreach in each committee. After Our presentation, Participants from Greece, Kuwait, Ethiopia & Srilanka Contacted us about their interest in Wikipedia. Between them, two professors, Dr. Shirantha Heenkenda & Dr. Sujeewa Hettiarchi from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka showed their interests to involve their students into Wikipedia. Surely its a great achievement for us where we can collaborate with Universities with the help of Faculty member. we are moving ahead in order to make a collaboration with Wikipedia Education Team along with Professors as early as possible along for some good outcomes.

Blog Post: Here is my blog post regarding this conference.

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