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The Third"Editatón WikiUNAM"

Author: José Reyes (WMMX)

Summary:The third “Editatón WikiUNAM” about academic heritage - murals, libraries, festivals, university programs, outstanding professors - in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM for its initials in Spanish).

Participantes de el tercer "Editatón WikiUNAM"
The third “Editatón WikiUNAM” took place on October 24 in the framework of Open Access 2019 and in collaboration with the Long-distance Learning Bachelors B@UNAM, the Coordination of Open University and Long-distance Education (CUAED) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and Wikimedia México.This is the third consecutive year that we strengthen this partnership and we establish new bonds with the UNAM community. Our commitment is to promote the articulation between the different principles that frame the collaborative work with diverse education institutions.

As a preamble, since the month of January we led seminars and editing workshops for teachers with the goal of presenting Wikipedia and its sister projects to the university community, and the different ways they could collaborate on these projects.

A total of 90 people participated in the “Editatón WikiUNAM” from the editathon site as well as remotely. Among the attendants we had university executives, teachers, students, CUAED staff, Wikimedia México members, and the participation of Melissa Guadalupe Huertas (Program Office, Education at the Wikimedia Foundation).

During the event we conducted three workshops: Wikipedia Metrics led by Claudia Muñoz, Creative Commons Licenses led by Salvador Alcántar and Wikidata for teachers led by Omar Sandoval. As a result of this editathon 53 new articles were created, 229 articles were improved, and a total of 240 images were added to Wikimedia Commons.

Social Media channels or hashtags: @Wikimedia_mx @cuaedunam #WikiUNAM2019