Education/News/October 2017/Basque Education Program makes a strong start

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Basque Education Program makes a strong start[edit]

Author: Theklan

Summary: The Basque Wikimedian User Group and the Basque Government launch a higher education focused project.

Basque Wikimedians User Group has been working some months with the Basque Government on a big education project. This month the official presentation of the program was made. The main idea is to reach university students and teachers in order to get high-quality articles on topics that are interesting for students 12-16. The project has started now, and it is planned to be completed by 2019.

Head of the Basque Government's Culture and Language Policy Department, Mr. Bingen Zupiria, on the benefits of this education program

Tags: Basque Country, university, 12-16 years, education program