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Hundred teachers trained in the Republic of Macedonia[edit]

Author: Violetova

From the conference in October 2017
The conference hall was too small for all interested teachers

Summary: During 2017, GLAM Macedonia held two Wiki conferences for teachers, in April and October, where 130 teachers from secondary and high schools in the Republic of Macedonia were trained for the proper use of Wikipedia in the teaching process and in the classroom.

One hundred and thirty teachers were trained on how to use Wikipedia in the classroom in the two Wiki conferences for teachers held in Skopje, the capitol of the Republic of Macedonia, by user group GLAM Macedonia, in April and October 2017. The interest for participate was big, the conference room was too small to received all teachers. Four speakers, all members of GLAM Macedonia, all four teachers in a real life, gave introducing speech about Wikipedia and the teaching process. Speakers on the conference:

  • Matilda Bajkova - teacher in three secondary schools in Skopje, and also Coordinator of education program at GLAM Macedonia user group
  • Виолетова - High school teacher
  • MB - teacher at international high school in Skopje
  • Wikimk - University professor in Skopje

The survey of meeting participants was held after the event, and the results were surprising: 58% of participants said that they are ready to use in the classroom what they learned about, and 72% of participants found the booklet How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool useful.

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