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Your community should discuss to implement the new P&E Dashboard functionalities


Author: Joalpe

Summary: New set of functionalities for the P&E Dashboard has been released, and implementation has to be discussed in communities as they trigger on automatic publications in projects.

The Programs & Events Dashboard, the web tool to manage and track Wikimedia programs, particularly education programs, is constantly being developed, and a new set of functionalities has been released. As it was described by the developers, Sage Ross and Medha Bansal, these functionalities enable wiki edits from the Dashboard. In order to be able to use these functionalities, education program leaders must launch a discussion on their projects to inform the community about the tool and about the enabling of automatic edits. On the community in Portuguese, this discussion has already taken place, and it was the first community to release --as a test case-- these functionalities.

The goal is to straighten and strengthen the connection between program users and experienced users, thus fostering the sense of community in our projects. The new functionalities also contribute to manage the programs, especially large programs.

Automatic edits


New functionalities of the P&E Dashboard include:

How to implement the functionalities


From my own experience, the community has been very receptive and the implementation of new functionalities was very easy. Moreover, the development team has released a step-by-step guide on how to implement the functionalities.

The guide has three main steps: Get community consensus; Create the templates; and Share the created templates with User:Sage (Wiki Ed). This user will check the templates and if they are working release the automatic-edit functionalities.

As I have gone through the process of enabling the automatic edits in my community, make sure to reach out if you need assistance, as well.

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