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Writing articles on Wikipedia is our way of leaving legacy to the next generations


Author: Dato Abuladze, Lilit Tarkhanyan (Wikimedia Armenia)


Syuzi Yeranyan

Each of us tells about his/her first steps on Wikipedia with great pleasure. Each story is unique with its exceptional feelings and images. Some stories are funny and some are interesting. Today Syuzi Yeranyan from Vanashen WikiClub tells her wiki story.

Syuzi Yeranyan studies in 10th grade at Vanashen secondary school, Armenia. The schoolgirl has learned about the WikiClub 1 month before the opening. She says that she was always interested in how the articles on Wikipedia were written and especially who are those people who stand behind them. “When I learned about the WikiClub opening I got very excited. As it is unique opportunity to learn the secrets of wiki universe and get answers to all my questions. The first impression and atmosphere of the WikiClub gave me a feeling of entering a new world of knowledge” - said Syuzi.

Syuzi remembers her first wiki article very well. It was a piece about “Place du Châtelet”. She has chosen this article because she has been interested in France for a long period of time. “After creating the article I realized that writing articles on Wikipedia is our way of leaving legacy to the next generations. For many years I was using the information which was edited by others, now it is my turn to create articles for others to use”, proudly states Syuzi.

Syuzi is sure that editing on different Wikimedia projects has given her a lot of benefits - from learning information on different topics, to improving translation skills. In addition, Wikipedia helps her a lot in her future profession. Syuzi dreams to become a director. Now she reads biographies of her favourite directors, information about Oscar winning films and many others. “I think both philologists and translators will benefit from wiki editing . One should develop his professional skills every day and the online encyclopedia provides this opportunity”, she adds.

To the question whether Syuzi will advise her friends to attend WikiClub she states, “Absolutely! Before coming to the WikiClub I could not even imagine that I would gain so many achievements: now I translate faster, I made new friends and dived into unlimited repository of knowledge”, says Syuzi, “these are the most important things that should interest students of my age”.

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