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Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) Keeps Improving Teachers’ Digital Literacy Through the Use of Wikipedia

Author: Catur Nurrochman Oktavian, Edited and translated by: Amy (Wikimedia Indonesia)

Summary: Wikimedia Indonesia collaborated with PB PGRI conducted a Wikipedia workshop in Surabaya, East Java. 38 teachers from the province attended the workshop, instructed by Catur Nurrochman Oktavian. This workshop was the 4th collaboration between Wikimedia Indonesia and PGRI.

In February-March 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia collaborated with National Board of Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia (Pengurus Besar Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia, PB PGRI) in Jakarta to organize a Training for Trainers program for teachers, called WikiPelatih Guru WMID-PGRI. This program aimed to introduce Wikipedia as a teaching-learning tool, particularly to the selected teachers. The program consisted of 6 meetings, with different demands per meeting. The participants who managed to finish the course or the training with the minimum requirements, were given certificates as a Wikipedia workshop trainer.

As a result of this program, on Saturday, October 12, 2019, a Wikipedia workshop was conducted in Surabaya, East Java, collaborating with East Java PGRI. The training took place in Wisma Guru PGRI, located in Ahmad Yani Street 6-8, Surabaya. There were 38 teachers representing PGRI of each city/regency in East Java, who attended this workshop. They were the representatives of the committee of Profession and Similar Expertise Association (Asosiasi Profesi dan Keahlian Sejenis, APKS) in East Java. The instructor of this workshop was Catur Nurrochman Oktavian, a Junior High School teacher, as well as one of the board member of PB PGRI, who have managed to finish the WikiPelatih Guru WMID-PGRI program. Catur started the workshop by introducing Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects to the participants. Then he proceeded to explain the basic steps of writing articles on Wikipedia. After that, he and the other volunteer trainers, guided the participants to practice writing articles on Indonesian Wikipedia.

The Head of East Java APKS, Didiek Budihardjo, who spoke representing the Head of East Java PGRI, said that the teachers must be equipped with digital literacy. The teachers could use Wikipedia as a means to improve their digital literacy. They were expected not only to benefit from reading the contents alone, but also to contribute in writing the contents to spread free knowledge. Furthermore, he said, that in this 4th industrial revolution, the use of digital media had become a very significant means that could help the teachers to search for, as well as to share various knowledge to promote education.

This workshop was actually the fourth workshop of this year held by PGRI and Wikimedia Indonesia. Similar workshops with PGRI were previously held in West Kalimantan, Lampung, and Southeast Sulawesi. PGRI and Wikimedia Indonesia have also planned to organize workshops in the eastern part of Indonesia in the upcoming year.

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