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Wikimedia 2030 Strategy Youth Salon by VVIT WikiConnect

Author: User:Naga sai sravanth

Summary: VVIT WikiConnect on behalf of the Wikipedia & Education User Group organised a Youth Salon as a part of community conversations for Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy.

On 8 September 2019, VVIT WikiConnect on behalf of Wikipedia & Education User Group organised a strategy Youth Salon titled “Let us discuss Capacity Building - The Wikimedia’s Perspective” in Guntur, India. The salon explored the theme of Capacity Building from Wikimedians' perspective and also active volunteers from other youth organisations working in the areas of capacity and skill development.

During morning hours of the salon, participants were detailed about Wikimedia movement, Movement Strategy 2030, Working Groups and themes, what capacity building means in general, in an educational context, and in Wikimedia's context. Post-lunch, participants were divided into four groups and each group was a given a recommendation from the Capacity Building group, to discuss upon. After initial discussions participants from each group moved to other to know the discussions that happened with them and collect the feedback on their own findings and feedback. After the groups restored to their original positions, they worked again on their ideas based on the feedback received from others. Before concluding the event, each group presented their ideas to the audience.

To read the detailed proceedings of the salon, the discussions, and the inputs derived, please follow the below link;

Social Media channels or hashtags: @VVITWikiConnect