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Cultural history on Wikipedia

Author: Josefine Hellroth Larsson

Summary: Wikimedia Sverige has a collaboration with the Nordic Museum and the Center for Business History, where students write Wikipedia articles about cultural history. The sixth edition of this project has just started!

For the sixth time, Wikimedia Sverige has started the collaboration with Nordiska Museet on having high school students writing Wikipedia articles on cultural history. We are very happy to welcome Centrum för näringslivshistoria into the cooperation this year! They are the center for business history in Sweden, keeping archives for around 7 000 Swedish companies. We hope that this will broaden the scopes on cultural history even more, seeing that some of Sweden's major companies open up their archives as source material. And this is on top of the fact that we are using the archive and museum at the Nordic Museum!

35 students have enrolled for the project this year, who will publish their articles in February 2022. In previous years, the articles have had a very wide scope of topics. From the cultural history of menstruation in Sweden or RMS Titanic to Sami people and Christianity and the Spanish flu in Sweden, the new and improved articles have covered many topics.

After working from home or from school most of the time in the previous year, we were happy to be back at the Nordic Museum. We will meet six times this year, finding good sources and learning how to use them, as well as learning how to write encyclopedic articles on Wikipedia. We will also talk about the online community and what happens to the articles once they are published.